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The Butterfly

One of the many butterflies that visited Ainsley's Scramble for Megan in 2008.  Many butterflies accompanied us that day and were blessed to have them in our presence.

A butterfly is viewed as a very powerful symbol of transformation and as a universal symbol of a peaceful and happy spirit.  Shortly after Megan passed away, a tiger butterfly appeared while Bill and Donna Gaffin were mourning over the loss of their daughter.  The beautiful butterfly circled them continuously as they embraced.  Bill and Donna knew Megan was with them.  They knew it was her way of letting them know she was okay and she found the peace she deserved after her hard fought battle.

The butterfly has become a very important symbol to all of us that knew Megan.  On July 4, 2008, a butterfly visited the annual Winding Woods Fourth of July party.  The 4th of July celebration has been a tradition in which Megan participated in for almost 20 years.  The butterfly peacefully circled the crowd of people, full of loud chatter, for a good twenty minutes.  We all knew it was Megan coming back to celebrate with us.

While Nick Ritter, a close friend of The Gaffin Family, was filling out paperwork to request a donation for Friends of Megan, a tiger butterfly landed on his hand.   It remained there while he completed the donation request form, faxed it, and walked through his manufacturing plant to find someone to take a picture.  The butterfly stayed long enough to send an e-mail out with the picture of the “visitor”, and then floated away. It was taken as a sign that Megan is aware of the efforts by all of her friends.

A butterfly also appeared as Sarah Wells was walking outside, holding her stack of wedding invitations to mail in the fall of 2011.  The butterfly landed on top of the stack of invitations and Sarah looked down and simply smiled and said "Hi Megan," as it was clear Megan was letting her know she would be at the wedding in spirit.  The butterfly remained on the stack for 20 seconds while Sarah walked up a flight of stairs and on to her car.  It was an incredibly touching moment.

The stories are endless.  The butterfly has essentially become Megan's voice to all of us that knew Megan.  While butterflies can be commonly present in certain areas, these situations have been all too coincidental to be anything else than Megan letting us know she is with each of us still, in her own way.  We thank Megan for those moments where she can still make us smile and provide us the comfort of knowing she is at peace.

In Memory of Megan, we celebrate her life.  In honor of Megan, we continue her fight. 


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